Union Street



Having seen our work on Instagram, an influencer-driven marketing start-up approached us to design and coordinate the fit-out of their Southwark HQ. The company knew that the space was likely to be a temporary stop on their business’s journey, so they were determined to budget cleverly and achieve the highest impact with the smallest possible outlay – and to incorporate sustainable materials wherever possible.

To achieve this, we combined a variety of off-the-shelf products, recycled or reclaimed materials and a DIY approach. The main workspace, two meeting rooms, and quiet space were fitted with ‘hacked’ IKEA furniture such as wardrobes lined with cork; benches and tables ingeniously constructed from scaffold boards and steel supports; and shelving units bearing plants, art and objects sourced from neighbourhood shops. We made a ribbon curtain to keep the kitchen space concealed under the stairs, constructed a decorative reception feature from paper fans, and – as a playful touch to reflect the brand’s youthful approach – fitted a swing in the window. The main meeting-room tabletop was made from recycled yoghurt pots by Smile Plastics.