Tapestry Court Balcony



The final touch to our work on the renovation of the penthouse and pavilion at Tapestry Court was the addition of a balcony to the living room – once a ballroom – on the first floor. Since the owner first moved in, a tiny willow on the front lawn had grown dramatically and was now one of the most striking features of the river view from the window. Our task was to design a balcony that would allow uninterrupted year-round views of the willow and the river beyond and allow the maximum possible amount of natural light into the room. Instead of a conventional design with a handrail at the top, we worked with Cake Industries and Foster Structures to weld mirrored steel louvres to a base plate, attached to the building with hidden fixings. The result is a secure balcony that appears almost invisible from the inside, allowing for a completely unrestricted view of the willow and across the landscape.