The owners of this Primrose Hill home called on Russian For Fish to transform their existing loft conversion into a versatile bedroom area for their two boys. The brothers were keen for the room to function as a single unified playspace by day, but wanted separate bedrooms at night, so we worked with designer Gavin Coyle to create a set of solid oak sliding doors that subdivided the space at bedtime, as well as complementing the oak-veneer MDF material finish of the surrounding built-in joinery. Each half of the room has a sliding glass door that opens onto a balcony area edged with a brass-inlaid glass balustrade angled to appear transparent from inside the room, affording views over the garden and rooftops beyond, but is virtually opaque from outside, ensuring privacy. The balustrade’s beautiful inlay pattern (particularly well-travelled, as it was designed in France, etched in Aberdeen, laminated in Redhill and tested in Peterborough) was conceived to reflect the boys’ personal interests – hence its football-playing skeleton motif…