About us

RUSSIAN FOR FISH is a London based, award winning architectural practice, founded in 2006.

The practice understands the impact of financial, environmental and space constraints facing clients and acts innovatively to create intelligent architectural design. 

The practice has a reputation for forming close working relationships with both client and contractor, ensuring that the projects respond to budget and time constraints.

The practice has a network of consultants with whom they collaborate to ensure each project benefits from a multi disciplinary and thorough approach.

The practice has a wide knowledge of materials and fabrication techniques.  An individual and simplified material palette is developed for every project:  The practice believes that the texture and tone of the chosen materials should wrap, challenge and enhance the spaces created.

Since 2016 RUSSIANFOR FISH has been an RIBA Student Mentor on the architecture undergraduate course at the University of East London and a Practice Mentor for the School of Architecture, at the Royal College of Art.

RUSSIAN FOR FISH is a RIBA Chartered Practice.